How Can Custom Software Enhance Business Growth?

Running a business on custom software gives you the freedom to make changes as your business grows. New features can be added to existing systems in no time, eliminating time wastage experienced in hunting for compatible ready-made software.

Why Small Businesses Need Custom Software

It’s no longer advisable for small businesses to use manual processes in this day and age. Not only does this create inefficiencies, but manual processes consume time, effort, and resources. As such, savvy business leaders are using automation and software to digitize and enhance activities. Several off-the-shelf software has been developed to automate repetitive tasks and help businesses get more work done in less time. However, the efficiency of these kinds of software in meeting business needs was short-lived, as unique problems began to arise for companies requiring tailor-made solutions rather than generic ones.

Creating Your Own App from Scratch

Nowadays, it seems like creating an app is the new ‘in thing’. Everybody has the next big idea for a life-changing app.

If you’ve looked into making an iOS app, you may have realized that it’s a little more complex than it might first seem. It’s not as simple as coming up with an idea and having your app ready to go within a few weeks.

Project Spotlight: Building a Custom API

We like a good challenge. Recently a friend called and told me that he had a client who needed someone to set up an API (application programming interface) so that users could securely sign in to a second website without the need to create a separate account. The connection between the two websites recently stopped working. […]