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Regardless of your business size or industry, LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for leads. Profiles are filled with employment histories and professional accomplishments rather than random dog videos or politics. Conversations center on shared problems and the companies working hard to solve them. Everyone is open to expanding their network, making connections, and finding like-minded people and businesses to support. 

Most short articles on finding LinkedIn leads start with the same advice: Set up a great profile, determine a schedule for posting, and stay consistent. It’s true that you need to post on LinkedIn regularly and respond quickly once you start getting engagement on your posts. You should do that from day one, but what else can you do to maximize leads on LinkedIn? 

We have some suggestions to help you win at LinkedIn lead generation. If you know you need to stay active on the platform but wonder what you should spend your time doing, these are some great suggestions. 

Setup Your LinkedIn Page
LinkedIn Pages launched in 2018 with the goal of giving businesses a place to present their products and connect with their target audience. In addition to setting up profiles for your business and as many company representatives as possible, you want to make sure your LinkedIn Page is strong. 

Here are some tips from LinkedIn on creating a Page that will represent your brand well: 

  • Add images and video in addition to textual content. 
  • Try to stir up engagement with your posts by asking interesting questions or making “spicy” comments. 
  • Share high-quality content generated by others in addition to promoting your own content. 
  • Use relevant hashtags. 
  • Respond to comments in a timely manner. 

These tips aren’t much different from what you’re already doing for your LinkedIn profile. You just have one more place to focus your attention. If you establish Showcase Pages, then you should do the same work for those pages as well to keep your engagement strong. 

Join Interesting Conversations 
As you build a LinkedIn network, you will start to notice accounts that post interesting prompts and host intriguing conversations. When you join in, you get your name in front of everyone participating or just browsing those conversation threads. Make sure everything you post is on brand and speaks to your expertise, and the fun could bring in some new leads. 

In addition to commenting on threads when other people post, join some relevant groups as well. You’ll have many opportunities to get into a good conversation while interacting with more people who may turn into a business asset on some level.

Check Out Extended Connections 
As your network grows, take the time to look at each account connected to yours. Who are they connected with that you haven’t had the opportunity to connect with yet? Look at the section on their profile that says “People Also Viewed” to see where people go after viewing that profile. You can only see that information for your first-degree connections and the information changes often. 

Turn Endorsements into a Tool 
Endorsements are such a simple thing on LinkedIn, but they can break the ice and lead to powerful business connections when used right. Start by leaving endorsements for people you have worked with previously in some manner. Then start adding endorsements for people you would like to work with or have as clients. You’ll help them reach their goals while getting your name in front of them in a positive manner. 

Getting Started 
Start where you are right now with LinkedIn. If you don’t have a profile and page established, do it today. If you have a profile but have never posted content, start by sharing content created by others. Determine how many hours you can spend on the platform each week and set a schedule. Remain consistent, and you will see your engagement grow with time. 

If you want to learn more about generating leads on LinkedIn and growing your business, contact us. Our business is to help your business flourish. 

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