In a world of do more with less, it becomes more difficult for government agencies to provide adequate services to residents. A great way to alleviate some of that strain is to provide residents with an interactive online portal that answers all of their questions and provides access to needed information and documents. This approach to agency management optimizes the government’s effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


Every website includes the following standard features:

  • Responsive design – Looks great on mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Board and Staff Listing – List the key points of contact in your agency complete with optional photos
  • Directed Contact Forms – Make sure requests for help is sent to the appropriate person(s) instead of a general mailbox
  • Auto Expire Content – Keep your site fresh and have content that is no longer valid or relevant automatically disappear
  • Spreadsheet to Webpage – Upload spreadsheets and have them automatically converted to web friendly pages
  • Job Vacancies – List your job vacancies and have them automatically hidden after a specified time
  • Calendar – Keep your users up-to-date with what’s meetings, events, and key dates
  • RFP Listing and Response – Post RFPs online and allow businesses to electronically submit their proposal
  • Daily Offsite Backups – In the event of a disaster, your site can be quickly recovered
  • Email Notifications – Users can sign up for notifications when new content is posted or updates are made
  • Mobile App Integration – Need a mobile app for specific features? GovPoint is ready for integration with mobile apps and other services
  • ADA Compliant – GovPoint is accessible for all users
  • User Groups – Delegate access to different areas and features
  • Encryption – We encrypt personally identifiable information
  • SEO Optimized – Your site content will be organized to ensure it is search engine friendly
  • Analytics – Understand what people are doing on your site and from where
  • Content Manager – Easy to use content management system for making updates
  • Social Media – We include links to your social media channels and tags for easy sharing
  • Newsletters – We include a newsletter sign up form to help you keep in touch with your customers
  • Full-Width Sliders – Go ahead, show off your products and services
  • No Broken Links – We double check to make sure everything works
  • Caching & Image Optimization – We add caching and image optimization tools to help your site load fast
  • Security – We add security software to help keep hackers out (however, this is not a substitute for regular maintenance and updates)
  • Blog Ready – We encourage agencies to write about what they are doing in addition to regular press releases. Your site is ready for this when you are.

We also offer custom design and development services to further enhance your
website but we have pretty much included everything you could need. Custom
development might include features like integration with other services, custom online

forms, or eCommerce.


If you have an existing site that needs to be redesigned/rebuilt, we offer a 25% discount off our normal rates. Small agencies, boards, commissions, and special purpose sites agency sites as well as communities under 40,000 residents are also eligible for a discount.

GovPoint is a prebuilt product and as such, we do not typically respond to Request For Proposals for this product. However, if you need us to submit additional information, we would be happy to do so. If you have specific requirements and need a custom solution, please send us your RFP and we would be happy to respond.

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