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Navigating the Digital Transformation of Customs Brokers

Island Delivery Services (IDS) has been the cornerstone of customs brokerage on St. Croix for over four decades, embodying reliability and efficiency in navigating the complex waters of customs clearance. Their mission: to bridge distances and connect islands more seamlessly than ever before.

The Challenge

IDS approached the CrucainPoint team to create a software solution to transition from a manual typewriter input method to a more streamlined, digital workflow. This ambitious project was critical for scaling their operations and achieving significant cost savings. 

Primary Goals

Our Approach

Our team approached this project as a holistic digital transformation centered around a custom software solution designed specifically for IDS. This software was not just a tool but a catalyst for change, encompassing features like remote work capabilities, streamlined workflows, and robust data security measures. The project emphasized scalability and flexibility, allowing for future growth and adaptation to new challenges. 

Our Primary Goals

Storage and Organization:

Data Security:

Version Control:

Dependency on Electricity and Technology:

The Outcome

The digital transformation of Island Delivery Services (IDS) through the development of custom software marked a significant leap forward, not only in operational efficiency but also in fostering a culture primed for the future. The project’s success is evident in its key achievements, which are integral to the organization’s evolution:

The Impact

 This digital transformation will have a profound broader impact. Not only did it position IDS as a leader in technological adoption within its industry, but it also has the potential to set a new standard for how customs brokerage can operate in an environmentally sustainable and efficient manner. 

This solution serves as a pivotal tool for change and a foundation for ongoing innovation and efficiency improvements in the Virgin Islands. 


“This custom software solution has revolutionized how we provide our services; enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and resilience. Its intuitive design has simplified training, accelerating our growth. This tool–by far–has exceeded our expectations, allowing us to scale our business.”

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